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My Promise to You!
My goal is to provide the very best counsel, advice and service possible for your real estate needs. If I may ever be of service to you, a relative, friend or co-worker please don't hesitate to call me with their name and number.
I look forward to the opportunity to Kayter to your needs!

Kaytering to Your Needs

Meet Kay Korbel

Whether living in Italy as a Chef apprentice studying the Italian kitchen, in my travels throughout the world working in hospitality management, running my own catering business or as I am currently engaged, in the real estate business, first as an investor and ultimately as a REALTOR®, I have learned one important fact … customer service is paramount.

Since 1996 I have bought and sold property in Fremont and surrounding cities in the Bay Area. It was a hobby and investment business I turned into a career in 2003. Working as a REALTOR® was the perfect career choice for me and complimented my family priorities. I am proud to bring my years of experience of customer service in many cultures to one of the most important and biggest transactions of someone’s life, the purchase or sale of their home! My mission is to make that buying or selling process as pleasant and effortless as possible.

I believe wholeheartedly in my slogan, “Kaytering to Your Needs”.

Client Testimonials

Just want to wish you both a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Also would like to thank you both for completing the sales transaction of my Uncle Bill’s home in such a professional and flawless manner. It certainly made our lives much easier! Kay, I think of you every time I enjoy your delicious home made strawberry jam! Thank you again!

Ron O.    September 22, 2021  

As always you are a pleasure to work with Kay. There is no one we would have trusted in this process other than you. You were everything we needed during this process and more. We appreciate you, and value you!

Maegan & Mitch M.    May 6, 2022  

Kay Korbel is not only an amazing, knowledgeable, and patient Realtor, but a kind, compassionate and amazing person!

Tracy & Jabari L.    April 1, 2021  

Kay Once again you exceeded our expectations! You were very attentive to our every need. Thank you!

Susan and Ray H.    April 29, 2016  

Good Afternoon Kay,

We look forward to your info each month and I must say this month was a surprise. Thank you so much for the See’s certificate. You know what we like. We really appreciate your thoughtfulness. We are so happy with the quality of service you have given us and both Maegan and Mitch, and knew the Nagy’s would benefit from your service also. Glad we can keep customers coming your way.


Jo and Marc T.    January 6, 2015  

Kay you did an awesome job in selling my house. You kept me informed of every step in this very difficult transaction and you did not only do your job but the job of the buyers agent as well. Thanks again Kay!

Susan and Ray H.    January 28, 2015  

Kay and Frank were absolutely fantastic! I would highly recommend them to friends and family. They both were very professional, well prepared and able to walk my wife and I through each step of the home buying process. the next time I am looking for a home, I will definitely call on Kay and Frank to represent my wife and I.

Jason and Loretta R.    January 22, 2015  

Ryan and I have no complaints. You were easy to approach and made yourself available throughout the entire process. You made the home buying experience enjoyable-which I think is hard to do. Especially with all the competition and hard economic times. We appreciate everything you did for us and recognize the many times you fought for us as buyers. Thanks Kay!

Amy T. and Ryan M.    January 28, 2015  

“I have the pleasure of having Kay as one of our customers. Her approach to real estate and her business model is one that should be a lesson to other agents in the business”

Eric R.    January 6, 2015  

I worked with Kay Korbel on a transaction where she was representing the seller.

Now I have sold my fair share of property and I can tell you that every agent has their own style. I do notice when one stands out over another. From the very day I submitted my offer, I knew this transaction was going to be different.

Kay was extremely organized, responsive, diligent and even aggressive yet not in an adversarial way. It was clear that Kay and I shared an important guideline for how we do business – we strive to create a Win Win situation which is fair and where both parties end up feeling a sense of accomplishment through reaching their respective goals.

Kay surprised me with her friendliness and professional matter. I typically employ the service of a listing coordinator however Kay’s Disclosure packet and correspondence was so complete from the get go, I never needed to.

It isn’t often that as an agent I provide testimonials for other agents but Kay Korbel stood out – I hope I have the opportunity to sell one of her listings again in the future.

Thank you Kay,

Aaron B., REALTOR    January 27, 2015  

“Kay provides a superior level of service. She is highly dependable and a great resource. Thank You Kay!”

Gaby L.    January 6, 2015  

Kay, your wealth of resources was invaluable to me! You are my Super Hero K2

Michele M.    January 28, 2015  

Not our first time working with Frank. Great before- still great! Kay was an excellent addition. We were very happy with the outcome. Was challenging after 45+ years in that home!

Garo M.    November 29, 2021  

988 Silverado Ct. Hayward
Thank you for all your help with paint colors, kitchen cabinets, granite and lighting fixtures. I wasn’t too sure about the paint color or lighting. But you knew something I didn’t. You knew what buyers want and in that end I am SO GLAD I listened. The place looks amazing. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
My only regret, when I go to sell my place in Hawaii eventually I won’t be able to use you as my Realtor, OR can I? Thanks again!

Karen L.    September 22, 2018  

This was the easiest real estate transaction I’ve ever had. You were professional, courteous, and answered all of my questions promptly.

Debbie H.    February 28, 2020  

Kay you went above and beyond our expectations. It wasn’t just about the mundane paper work but also about our emotional needs. 🙂
You were valuable in every step of the way and we both have no regrets whatsoever! Thank you!!

Seema and Arun R.    January 28, 2015  

Kay, keep up the good work. You have a beautiful personality. It was a pleasure working with you. We will highly recommend you to anyone. Thanks for all the hard work you did.

Maria and Augusto D.    January 28, 2015  

“Kay is a high energy, enthusiastic realtor who can take an average house for sale, make some creative changes to it, and turn it into a home that is wanted by many. She comes highly recommended by me.”

Carol P.    January 6, 2015  

“Kay is upbeat, professional and efficient. She is good with follow-up, and is generous with providing back-up support. I trust her judgement of the market, and trust her as a person.”

Chris C.W.    January 6, 2015  

6721 George Avenue Newark
Please continue being the warm and loving person that you are. You care about your clients in a very professional way. Thank you for everything that you do.

M. Varissimo    May 26, 2018  

“Kay is one of the most conscientious people around. Her work ethic is superb. She cares about people and will do everything in her power to give them the best service possible. She is honest and responsible.

Marti W.    January 6, 2015  

Dear Kay, You helped make the process very easy and painless. You were always genuine and honest with your recommendations. We were extremely happy by your level of excellence in service. Thank you!

Sonam & Sandeep B.    January 7, 2021  

Kay, Thank you very much for everything, for listening carefully, going out of your way to keep me informed, and for taking the initiative. I have bought and sold several real estate properties over the years and I think you have been the best Realtor I have had thus far.

Iris A.    April 18, 2018  

Kay was extremely helpful throughout the entire process. She advised me regarding the value of my home and in the end I received $11,000 over value. She communicated very well throughout and supported me on every level. Kay has become a dear friend whom I value and trust.

Celine C.    January 28, 2015  

Kay, you did a GREAT job! Thank you so much!
1038 Clear Water Creek Blvd. Manteca

Annonymous    March 29, 2022  

This was the easiest real estate transaction I’ve ever had. Kay was professional, courteous, and answered all of my questions promptly.

Debbie H.    March 4, 2020  

Kay and Frank make a great team! We really enjoyed working with you!

Barbara & Allen H.    September 13, 2019  

Kay, thank you for all the help you gave to us. You explained everything step by step and clarified things when you knew we were confused.
Very intuitive! We appreciate that you were never “pushy”.

Marisa and Raul R.    January 28, 2015  

39993 Fremont Blvd. #103 Fremont

I am a licensed real estate salesperson. Kay is the best real estate professional I have known during my 20 years in real estate. Kay keeps on top of all the important dates and other aspects of the transaction. Kay always had my welfare at the forefront of her negotiating skills.

Marilynn K.    May 17, 2016  

Thank you Kay for helping us sell our condo. I can't believe we pulled it off in less than one month! Crazy... Here's a little token of our appreciation a little liquid encouragement for your next sale.

Daphne & Rod    July 23, 2021  


I have worked in both residential and commercial real estate previously for many years. Kay is, by far, the best in the business! I cannot say enough good things about Kay! She goes way beyond to get everything done in every aspect of the sale! She is knowledgeable, courteous and extremely professional!

M. Krause Seller
38908 Cherry Glen Common

M. Krause Seller    July 10, 2015  

“Kay is an excellent people person. She is a warm and open listener. She is well respected in the community.”

De W.    January 6, 2015  

Kay kept me informed during the entire process. We pretty much communicated on a daily basis. Kay would always respond to any questions or concerns the same day. If you want someone who makes sure that all the “I’s” are dotted and the “T’s” are crossed, Kay is your Realtor.

T. Simanski    January 23, 2018  

Hello Kay,

We would like to thank you for working hard in making this deal happen. We would not have gotten this home without your working hard on this deal. Sirisha and I really appreciate it. We also know that many agents (after the contingency removal period) take things lightly and start giving bad service. This is not the case with you.

Your service has been exceptional and I doubt we would have gotten a better agent than you. We are really blessed. I have heard stories from my friends regarding agents and it is now our duty to correct it. Not all agents are same and I would not hesitate in recommending you. As you have said, we have a special working relationship which we are going to treasure that relationship for a long time.

Believe me we absolutely love the home and we would like to thank the sellers in considering our offer. I believe that for a deal to go through everybody works towards it else it is a sour deal. I do not think we are in that situation.

Thanks again for your excellent service. We really appreciate it


Bala, Sirisha and Anjali V.    January 6, 2015  

You were very professional and knowledgeable from our first contact and throughout the entire process. You advised us on pricing the house to sell and actively marketing it using a variety of media. You kept us informed throughout the process. We’ll miss your daily phone calls!

Ellen and Ernie N.    January 6, 2015  

Kay, you were great! Thanks so much. I never had to wonder or worry. You have been such a help to Kerstin and me, like an Angel. I just want you to know how much I appreciate your concern, help and hard work.

Sandy A.    January 28, 2015  

Dear Kay, You were EXCELLENT!

Dan S.    April 1, 2021  

Thank you to you and Frank for keeping on top of everything and keeping us informed. You were knowledgeable and professional. We will recommend you to our friends for their real estate needs!

Yasuko M.    September 9, 2021  

Hi Kay-
I just wanted to take a few minutes of your time to once again thank you for all of your patience in finding my parents a new home. I know you had no intention of becoming a mobile home agent and that you were just trying to help out one of your friends. Instead you helped more than just your friend, you helped me and my family. Here it is almost 2 years later and we are still saying how happy we are that they have moved. On so many levels, you have no idea, this is huge. My mom feels safe and doesn’t worry about my brother going out during the day. Now, they are an easy 20 minute drive from me so I can help out more. Everyone is so much happier. My mom hasn’t been this happy in years. It is such a relief for me to know that they are happy, safe and close by.
When you get to heaven there will be a beautiful set of Angel wings waiting for you. I am sure of it.
Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

Midge L.    January 6, 2015  

Kay, Thank you for everything! You were awesome!!

Linda G.    October 1, 2020  

Thank you for all of your help, advice and support over the past few months. We have appreciated all your work. Dealing with three sellers at one location was challenging but you did great. Thanks for everything, selling my house, helping me buy a new place, the address labels, post cards, the mail bag… Everything! And of course my Home Guard Home Warranty!

Karen L. and Cheryl and Clyde T.    January 28, 2015  

The sale of my mom’s house provided some very crazy and unique situations. Frank and Kay worked as a team to deal with each situation resulting in positive solutions. Years of experience and skills do make a difference

Pete M.    January 28, 2015  

Kay went beyond the call of duty. For example, She got our garage door opener repaired. The transaction went smoothly and escrow closed exactly as predicted. Thank you very much for the great job that you did. Happy New Year to you!

Frances & George N.    January 5, 2021  

You are the best real estate agent in the whole world!!! I wish that I could buy 10 more houses from you! I am so glad that Aaron introduced us! BFFO-eva!!!

Rhea Lynn and Nels    January 28, 2015  

Frank and Kay work together in a complimentary manner. They were not only ‘Realty Experts’ but helped to teach about the whole process. We wanted to say thank you once more for all the help in selling and buying a home! We are enjoying the fireplace but I think our dog Scout loves it the most! We were going to name the fireplace ‘Frank or Kay’ but then Lizbeth said “I’m turning Frank on.” We will, needless to say, be coming up with a new name.

Lizbeth S. and Corey B.    January 28, 2015  

Frank is a long time friend and the only Realtor I would trust with the sale of my home. Kay joined him in the sale of my last home and she was just as organized helpful, pleasant and professional as Frank. I would highly recommend them for any real estate need!

Sherri V.    January 28, 2015  

We both appreciated their experience and knowledge of the market. Frank and Kay were a pleasure to work with.

Dennis and Sheila J.    January 28, 2015  

We would absolutely recommend you to our friends and family. Working with you has not only been a pleasure but a relief. I didn’t have to worry about forgetting anything because I knew you were organized and on top of it all. You had solutions to every problem and answers to every question! We are so grateful to have worked with you!

Vivien & Jo G.    September 30, 2020  

Kay and Frank we appreciate you taking on selling our family home. From the beginning to end we felt heard and each of our concerns addressed in a timely manner. The entire process was enlightening and truly an experience we will not soon forget.

Julie & Cliff W.    September 26, 2023  

Frank and Kay, Thank you for helping us buy our dream home and helping us sell our home!
You were knowledgeable, courteous and professional. You met our concerns and needs in a timely manner. We would definitely recommend you to our friends and family.

Karen and Dennis B.    April 29, 2016  

You are amazing Kay. From the moment I told you that I needed your help to buy a home and indicated that I am not so familiar with the process…You took me by the hand and walked me through the process, step by step and explained every detail. Thank you. You are my Angel of Mercy.

Mimi L.    January 28, 2015